Mindful breath

Once upon a midnight dreary, as I sought inner peace,
I delved into the realms of mindfulness, seeking release.
Through the art of breathing, a practice so profound,
I yearned to still my restless soul, my thoughts unbound.

With each inhale, a whisper of serenity did arise,
Exhaling, I shed the burdens that clouded my weary eyes.
In the darkness of my mind, a calmness did descend,
As I embraced the essence of each breath, my spirit on the mend.

Inhale, the elixir of peace, to soothe my troubled mind,
Exhale, the worries and sorrows, leaving them all behind.
In this chamber of silence, I found solace and reprieve,
In the rhythm of my breath, my troubled soul did cleave.

With each gentle inhale, my senses became acute,
Exhaling, I let go of fears that once had taken root.
Through mindful breathing, I traveled deep within,
Exploring the hidden depths of my soul, where peace did begin.

Inhale, the fragrance of tranquility, it filled the air,
Exhale, the darkness and despair, my burdens laid bare.
Each breath, a pathway to freedom, a release from strife,
As I embraced the power of mindfulness, the key to a tranquil life.

Inhale, the whispers of stillness, they danced upon my breath,
Exhale, the chaos and noise, replaced by inner depth.
Through the art of mindful breathing, I found my sanctuary,
A refuge from the tempest, a haven for my weary.

Inhale, the present moment, it blossomed in my soul,
Exhale, the worries of the past, their grip no longer whole.
With each breath, I surrendered to the here and now,
In the symphony of my breathing, I found peace somehow.

So, as the midnight hour approaches, and darkness fills the sky,
I turn to mindful breathing, with Edgar Allan Poe’s spirit nearby.
Inhale, the essence of calmness, let it permeate your core,
Exhale, the burdens and troubles, and find serenity evermore.