Tag: haiku

  • Warm thoughts

    Beneath the warm sun, Mindfulness blooms like a flower, Summer’s peaceful grace.

  • Summer evening

    Sunset’s golden hues, Reflect in the placid lake, Mindfulness embraced.

  • Cooling down

    Gentle summer breeze, Whispers secrets to my soul, Mindfulness takes all.

  • Let’s rock

    Let’s rock

    In the depths of my mind, I find a space, Where thoughts and music intertwine, in perfect grace. Strings vibrating, echoing in the air, As I let go of all worries and release my every care. You take me higher, like a soaring bird in flight, In the realm of the present, everything feels just…

  • Mindful haiku

    Mindful haiku

    Dragon’s breath ignites, Fiery winds howl and surge forth, Unleashing might’s wrath.

  • Mindful breath

    Mindful breath

    Once upon a midnight dreary, as I sought inner peace, I delved into the realms of mindfulness, seeking release. Through the art of breathing, a practice so profound, I yearned to still my restless soul, my thoughts unbound. With each inhale, a whisper of serenity did arise, Exhaling, I shed the burdens that clouded my…

  • Longing for the south

    Nature’s symphony, Cicadas sing in stillness, Mindfulness in heat.