Mind, body & mindfulness

In stillness and grace, we find our release,
Where you, me, they merge with ease.
A dance of body and soul, a cosmic ballet,
As his spirit guides us on our way.

In the sacred space, where silence abounds,
We embark on a journey without any bounds.
Through postures and breath, we seek inner peace,
To awaken the dormant, the chaos to cease.

With limbs intertwined, we explore the sublime,
Asanas like poetry, in pace and rhyme.
Each movement a stanza, a story to tell,
Unveiling the mysteries that within us dwell.

We stretch and we bend, in graceful surrender,
Releasing the tensions that our bodies remember.
In the stillness, we find strength and balance,
Uniting the physical and spiritual in perfect cadence.

And as we settle into the stillness within,
Meditation beckons, inviting us in.
With closed eyes and focused mind,
We explore the depths we’re destined to find.

In the realm of the mind, where thoughts collide,
We observe them like clouds, passing side by side.
With each breath, we let go of the noise,
And find solace in stillness, a sacred poise.

She is our guide, whispers secrets untold,
Unlocking the doors to our inner gold.
He reminds us to be present, to embrace each sensation,
To merge with the universe, in divine contemplation.

In this union of body, mind, and soul,
We find the essence that makes us whole.
Yome, a mystical art,
Guiding us toward the depths of our heart.

So let us embrace this ancient tradition,
With their spirit as our guiding ignition.
In Yome, we discover the key,
To unlock the vastness of our truest reality.