How can I practice mindfulness?


Block some of your time. It can be anywhere really and you surely don’t need a custom pillow or dedicated practice room. Whether you are sitting or standing does not matter. Just block some time and dedicate it to mindfulness.

Be here

You are “now”. Let’s work on the “here”. Whether in transport or at the office, queueing at the shop or at home, this doesn’t matter. Think about your physical placement,  think about your muscles and breathe. Deep and long breathes will help you relax.


Let them be. Do not suppress them. There won’t be an immediate inner silence and state of elevation. That is not what it is about. You may close your eyes or you may look at a mandala being created before your eyes. If you feel that you start getting further away, back to your daily routine, you may gently recentre your thoughts on the here and on the now part of you. Yes you. You are.  You are here, you are now.